Valley Forge Highland Band, organized in 1947, is one of the the oldest bagpipe band in the Delaware Valley area. 

Come play Bagpipes and Drums with us!

The band is excited to be practicing at:

St. Marks United Methodist Church
2220 S. Sproul Road

Broomall PA 19008

Wednesday Nights

Lessons         7:30 - 8:00 pm

Full Band       8:00 pm

Please see the schedule page for our next practice

We like to thank All Saint's Espicopal Church in Norristown, Pennsylvania for hosting the band for so many years. About 14 to 18 dedicated drummers and pipers gather each Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. to improve their musical skills as a group. This includes musicians at various skill levels.

The Band is family-oriented, includes mother/son, father/daughter, husband/wife, brothers and most of all friends. Band members as young as 12 years old to senior members over 80 years old enjoy have decked the uniform of Valley Forge! The practice last about two hours and includes learning new tunes, improving old tunes, marching and playing as a Band.

We prepare programs for concerts, parades, weddings, funerals, church services, school programs, banquets and social gatherings. The Band plays tunes to suit the occasion.

award winning Highland

Bagpipes and Drums

About the Valley Forge Highland Band

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